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Prestashop Developer

We can offer you programmers that are specialized in working with Prestashop platform. Most of our programmers have more than 4 years experience on Prestashop.

Our Prestashop developers can help you with simple or complicated work on your shop:
– theme tpl code modifications
– core files modifications
– implementing new functionalities
– creating new modules
– implement CSV or XML feeds
– implement API systems
– 24h maintenance
– fix bugs

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Prestashop Designer

An online shop design has a major role in the conversion rate. Your shop design is a mirror of your credibility.

Designer services:
– create a shop design theme from zero
– modify an existing Prestashop theme
– create logo
– create flyers, banners, business cards and other visual elements

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Online Store Manager

Online Store Manager means a person that manages all the online operations required. You do not need to consume any time at all with your online store, just collect the cash.

Online store management services:
– content management: products descriptions, category descriptions, static pages (cms)
– catalog management
– promotions, discounts, vouchers
– order processing
– client support
– other

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Prestashop Modules

SEO & Adwords Expert

SEO is a very complicated business, but without it there is no business. Most of the SEO experts we work with have more than 3 years experience in the field and all are very familiar with Prestashop.

SEO & Adwords services:
– SEO on page
– linking
– Adwords campaigns
– Google Analytics
– Webmaster Tools

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Social Media Expert

Social Media is mostly for your brand awareness, but there are some type of businesses that flourish on Facebook or other social networks. Anyway… your social presence is compulsory.

Social Media services:
– create and manage Facebook pages
– create and publish posts
– manage Facebook Ads
– ensure social presence on other social networks (Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin etc)

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Ecommerce Consultant

Ecommerce Consultant means a person that advices you regarding the business directions you should pursue in order to reach success.

Ecommerce Consultant services:
– choosing partners
– ways to promote your products
– improve your conversion rate
– risk evaluation
– other

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